Felimann as an engine, generator and water-pump manufacturer, we own unique technologies, all our products are designed for high performance.
Felimann always believes innovation leads the future power!

Felimann always follows the advanced engine technology, designed the exquisite fuel injection system, exquisite technology and strict quality concept, so that the Felimann engine output capacity is strong, safe and reliable. This high-performance fuel injection system ensures efficient operation, lower fuel consumption and emissions, and also greatly reduced noise levels.

●   Unique drive system

●   Good fuel system

●   Advanced noise-reduce design

●   Easy start & high power output

●   Easy maintenance, low operation cost

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Unique drive system

The drive gear design is incorporated into the latest diesel engine which will greatly reduce vibration and noise.

Good fuel system

Fuel systems assure high efficiency operation. The precision machined and precisely timed injection pump and the direct-injection design leads to lower fuel consumption and reduced exhaust emissions.

Advanced noise-reduce design

The high efficiency muffler system greatly lowers exhaust noise. With the addition of the advanced design air induction system, intake noise is reduced to a low level. The design or the cylinder block, engine cover, and valve train all combine to reduce engine noise levels.

High quality

Excellent production process, strict QC system, high quality spare parts to make sure the products durable and reliable.

Easy start & high power output

Excellent design and high quality fuel pump to assure the engine easy and high output.

Easy maintenance, low operation cost

The engines are designed as light weight and compact construction.

All spare parts are available with warranty.

Wide application

Widely used in various kinds of output forms are optional.


4-cylinder, 4-stroke, Water-cooled, inline,
Bore x strokemm88×90
Compression ratio
Rated power/ Rated speedkW/(r/min)18/1500, 19.6/1800,    24.1/2200, 26.2/2400 28.2/2600, 32.3/3000
Max torque /speedN.m/rpm120/1800
Min. adjustable idle  speedrpm≤ 1000
Lubricating system
Pressure Splash
Starting system
13V  Electric start
Rotating (Face PTO)
Fuel type
Diesel :0#(summer), -10#(winter), -35#(chillness)
Fuel consumption rateg/kw.h230/1500, 258/3000
Lube type
SAE10W-30、15W-40 ( CD grade or above)
Lub capacityL8.5
Coolant capacity-EngineL2.29
Coolant capacity-RadiatorL3.7
Start motorV- KW12V  1.4KW
DC alternatorV-A14V  20A
Battery capacityV-Ah12V 65Ah
Dimension (L*W*H)mm705*480*642
Net weightkg200