When you purchase a FELIMANN generator set, it’s the start of a lasting partnership. That’s why having the right partner makes the difference. FELIMANN services extend the life of your generator sets, increase original generator set performance, and are designed to reduce owning and operating costs. FELIMANN is dedicated to making sure you get the most from your equipment with outstanding service and support.

Our global services include:

●   24/7 /365 emergency response

●   Wide distribution network

●   Technical support

●   Product training

●   original spare parts supply

Technical support and after-sales service

FELIMANN engineers are always available to provide technical materials to assist customers in selecting the proper product specifications for their application needs.Our support services will continue from the start of commissioning through to after-sales service and technical support.
Our engineers are experienced professionals in the electrical, electronic and mechanical fields, and they are backed up by a global network of spare parts and service.

24-hour Service

You can contact for help when you have any questions.
FELIMANN after-sales team opened 24-hour service hotline to help you solve any problems.

Product training

Customer familiarity with the product will help ensure maximum efficiency and optimal use of the generator.Our customer support department has prepared product training courses for engineers, operators and service and support staff, each individually configured for the customer, the generator set builder and the end-use requirements.


Product familiarization courses can be selected by training module and cover: control systems, applications,troubleshooting and troubleshooting maintenance and other training on special request.


Find the right aftermarket parts for your FELIMANN equipment.

Why buy FELIMANN genuine parts?

FELIMANN aftermarket parts and components are designed by our engineers to work as a complete system with and made specifically for FELIMANN products. 

At FELIMANN generator sets, we are distinguished not only by our excellent products, but also by our close relationship with our customers at every moment.

We bring a professional, reliable and innovative service philosophy to each customer and provide you with excellent customer support at all times.

As a result, we strive to help our customers become more efficient so that you can achieve greater success in the global competitive area.